Seven Sisters Water Falls

One of (well technically seven of) Grenada’s most beautiful and adventurous locations. The Seven Falls also referred to as the Seven Sisters Waterfalls. This series of waterfalls in located at the edge of the Grand Etang Forest Reserve. It encompasses a walk-through rural Grenada replete with banana trees, cocoa trees laden with fruit and numerous spices.

This hike is not for the faint of heart as it takes approximately 45 minutes to maneuver your way through the old plantation and rain forest that surround the falls. Of course it may take a little more as you gaze at the beauty of lush green rainforest and the Grenadian Flora and Fauna.

There are various stages to this waterfall hence the name Seven Sisters. Of course there are pools for bathing and nearby can be found another rarely visited waterfall known as Honeymoon Falls. This hike is a nature lovers dream. Adventure, beauty and if you know how to…given the ambience … romance.

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Seven Sisters Water Fall